Carpeting And Flooring Directly to you at your Price and Conveniece
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Carpeting And Flooring Directly to you at your Price and Conveniece!
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Carpet Sales & Installation

We will come to your home, show you choices that work for your home and your budget, then we order your carpet directly from the mills and you save. Our installation is fast and guaranteed so you and your family can enjoy the comforts of your beautiful new carpet! We also have the know how to help you maintenance your carpet and flooring so that your manufacturing warranties stand. We can do this with our "Protector Plan", Our "Service and Cleaning" program! Just ask your service representative for more information. 

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We have been in the Carpet Cleaning business since 1999 and although advertising the main methods to clean carpet has never changed. Any company can tell you they use "Magic Water", "Super Power Water" or Fairy Dust but when it comes down to it, you want results! We use Earth, Animal, and Child friendly products. Our experience and innovation in the business is our resume along with our "Smile Guarantee"! If your not happy we will make it right!

Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Water and Smoke Restoration is not something your everyday person is ready for nor able to fix! We have the know how, the experience and the equipment to make your bad day into a manageable life hurdle! We can work directly with you and your insurance company. We know how and what to say to make sure you get the maximum coverage on your Water & Smoke Damage claim. It only gets worse if you wait, so call us and we can walk you through the best way to fix any of your Water & Fire problems.